Winter golf event a success for Flambeau Home Heath and Hospice Submitted: 02/03/2019
Mazie Vincent
Mazie Vincent
Sports Anchor/Reporter

Winter golf event a success for Flambeau Home Heath and Hospice
PHILLIPS - Golfers traded rolling green hills for frozen fairways on Long Lake in Price county this weekend.

Hundreds of people took a swing for Flambeau Home Health Hospice in the 19th annual Chili Golf Open.

All you need is a club, a tennis ball and a good attitude to play a round of golf on a frozen lake.

"You don't need to be an expert, pretty much if you can move your arms you can play winter golf," said winter golfer Jennifer Janak.

People in Phillips have hit the ice for a round of golf for 19 years to support Flambeau Home Health and Hospice.

The fundraiser also put a literal meaning to the word chili.

"The community is supporting hospice whether they come here and golf, do a tasting, enter some chili, whether they are just a business that gives an auction item or a sponsorship and that's part of what makes it a fun day," said Director of Flambeau Home Health and Hospice Beth Hahn.

The warm chili, competitive golf and high spirits leave people wanting more.

"We come back for the comradery, the drink, the food, the fun," Janak said.

"People that come and golf once will say, I want to come and golf again this is really fun," Hahn said.

But those aren't the only reasons.

"It hits close to home for many of us who have lost family members that need the services of hospice," Janak said.

A day full of fun allows people of Flambeau Hospice to escape the sadness that surrounds their job," Hahn said.

"It's very rewarding in the end to serve our patients and to be able to hold the event also."

One golfer even described Phillips as little town with a big heart.

"We are a small community and we all love one another so contributing to a piece of good, it's a great way to start the new year," Janak said. 

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