Project leaders offer details as $14 million Stevens Street reconstruction work approachesSubmitted: 01/22/2019
Story By Lane Kimble

Project leaders offer details as $14 million Stevens Street reconstruction work approaches
RHINELANDER - One of Rhinelander's busiest and bumpiest roads will likely see crews work simultaneously at two spots when a major reconstruction project starts this spring.

About 30 people got detailed information on the city's upcoming Stevens Street project during a meeting Tuesday night at City Hall.

The city is replacing about 2.1 miles of road and underground infrastructure as part of the $14 million project.  Leaders told the crowd the work will be "pretty aggressive" and have its fair share of "chaos", but the end result will be beneficial to all.

"All projects have that moment of clarity where you wonder why you started it," Public Works Director Tim Kingman told Newswatch 12 after the meeting. "This has no lack of that. The work that's involved will involve deep sewer, wet conditions, rock that's very formidable to remove."

The city hopes to start work at Frederick Street running up to Timber Drive when the weather allows starting in mid-March. At the same time, crews will also start work at County Highway W north toward the Highway 17 bypass.

The commercial stretch of Stevens Street starting at Dwight Street to the north should allow for two lanes of traffic during the work, but that is subject to change. The residential stretch from the downtown area north will likely be closed down to through traffic, save for local access to homes, during parts of the work.

Kingman says the city initially hoped to finish construction in two years, but that may stretch into three years depending on contractor availability and cost analysis.

"It's always about risk and reward when you're talking about construction and we're right in the throes of doing all of that," Kingman said.

Crews will need to shut off water to homes and businesses periodically throughout the project, but the city intends to give 48-hour notice as that work comes up. Kingman says open communication between residents, business owners, and the city will be key to a successful project.

"[I'm] excited about this project and, particularly, the people that came out tonight and their enthusiasm for addressing the concerns the city has," Kingman said.

The city plans to use about $5.4 million in grant funding to help pay for the cost of the work. Rhinelander will borrow the rest of the money.

A timeline offered to the audience on Tuesday noted bids for the work will go out Jan. 30, with a contract to be awarded by Feb. 11.

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Legionnaires OutbreakSubmitted: 08/21/2019

TOMAHAWK - The Rodeway Inn in Tomahawk re-opened this week after being closed over the weekend for an outbreak of Legionnaires disease.

Legionnaire's Disease infected two people who stayed at the hotel within the last year.

The disease comes from a naturally occurring bacteria that is found in bodies of water.

But sometimes the bacteria can make its way from that large body of water into a system, like a hotel or a nursing home.

It cannot be caught from person to person contact, but it can be caught from contact with contaminated water.

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TOMAHAWK - Recent severe thunderstorms brought down a lot of trees in Tomahawk. Cleaning up after the storms will cost some money.

Tomahawk Public Works Director John Cole says they lost roughly 40 trees with the last storm a couple weeks ago. All of the recent storms have him concerned on where the budget is.

"Certainly with the way the winter was, that didn't help anything and then these two storms that we've had over the summer didn't help anything," said Cole. "You know; we always plan for some of this a little bit. You want a little bit of cushion, but as budgets get tighter we don't have much cushion, but yeah I'm getting concerned."

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MERRILL - The newest member of a fire department in Lincoln County trained for years to help the community but his experience doesn't include fighting fires.

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RHINELANDER - You can add a taste of fall and pumpkin spice back into your life a little earlier this year. 

Dunkin' Donuts launched its new fall line-up on Wednesday, including the iconic pumpkin spice latte. 

Dunkin' wanted to jump-start the fall season by releasing the pumpkin infused items an entire week before Starbucks. 

Coffee and donut lovers can find new and returning items on the menu. 

"We are introducing the new pumpkin flavors again. We have the pumpkin donuts. We have pumpkin muffins, pumpkin munchkins, apple cider munchkins and then the new signature latte which is the cinnamon pumpkin sugar latte," said Dunkin' Donuts worker Alyssa Adams.

This is the earliest pumpkin spice return made by any coffee shop. 

Starbucks launches its pumpkin line on August 27th. 

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RHINELANDER - You might run into Kwik Trip for a snack or a cup of coffee. Wednesday, you could have walked out with a job.

All Kwik Trips in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin held walk in interviews Wednesday. Those interested simply had to say they wanted a job. They were then interviewed and instructed to fill out an online application.

The store leader at the Kwik Trip on Eisenhower Parkway in Rhinelander stressed the importance of reaching out to the community.

"It is very important to do that," said store leader Liesl Koch-Glauner. "We always have openings. We're always expanding and growing so it is very important to find new avenues to reach and find new people to work for us."

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RHINELANDER - A new kit located near the entrance to Rhinelander High School has all the essentials easily available in case something goes wrong. 

"Scissors, gloves, we have tourniquet, we have gauze. Everything you could need to provide immediate live-saving treatment to somebody," said Aspirus trauma program manager Sara Steen.

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WISCONSIN DELLS - Gov. Tony Evers announced this morning that Wisconsin's seat belt use has reached over 90 percent.

Evers addressed over 400 people working in road safety at today's annual Governor's Conference on Highway Safety in Wisconsin Dells.

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