Rhinelander speed stackers hope to be part of record-breaking groupSubmitted: 11/08/2018
Rose McBride
Rose McBride

Rhinelander speed stackers hope to be part of record-breaking group
RHINELANDER - When a cup is flipped upside down, it becomes a part of a growing sport known as Speed Stacking. 

"When you do speed stacks it works both sides of the body, both sides of the brain," said Ambassador of Speed Stacks Becky Barker. 

Barker used to teach the sport during her time as a P.E. teacher.

"It was my favorite lesson plan so when I retired I bought my own cups," said Barker. 

She still teaches the sport in schools as a special guest, and at events like the one at Calvary Baptist Church Thursday. 

Ten-year-old Aubree Dumpprope learned to speed stack at school last year and wanted to get some more practice.

"This year I got faster and faster I got a better time here," said Dumpprope. 

Thursday Aubree and her friend Mikayla Kurth learned some new techniques. 

"I learned how to do 10s, 10 cup stacks," said Kurth.

The girls also have a chance to be part of a world record. 

Thursday people all over the world stacked at the same time for 30 minutes and hopefully were part of a group that had more people than in any year before. 

"Every year we try it, every year, this is maybe our third year," said Barker. 

Barker says each year they have taken part, the record has been broken. 

This year Aubree, Mikayla and the rest of the group at Calvary Baptist are hoping to stack their way into the record book. 

"That would be awesome, I would love to be part of a record book," said Dumpprope.

All locations will submit their numbers and in a few weeks we will find out if they broke the record. 

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MADISON - A new report puts Wisconsin among the states with the largest decline in higher education spending per student between 2013 and 2018.

The analysis by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association shows that Wisconsin's higher education funding per student fell by more than 8% during that period. Only Mississippi, West Virginia and Oklahoma saw larger declines.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that Wisconsin is bucking the national trend. The United States overall saw a more than 15% increase in state spending per student between 2013 and 2018.

The group's senior policy analyst, Sophia Laderman, says Wisconsin spent about $1,500 less per student last year than the national average of $7,853.

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The driver was reported to be outside of the vehicle which was on fire before firefighters arrived.

Emergency crews remained on the scene for about one hour.

The Pink Lake Fire Department responded after being dispatched at 3:30 a.m.

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Executive director of the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce Lauren Sackett said it's a great opportunity for locals to try new flavors.

"There's always a new beer or wine. [People] can come and check out what they might have for their new summer flavor," said Sackett.

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Wisconsin Public Radio reports that migration of children dropped below 10,000 from 2010 to 2015. Before 2010, Wisconsin added 40,000 children from outside the state over a five-year period.

Wisconsin's birthrate has also declined to its lowest in four decades.

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The decision Friday bypasses the state Appeals Court in the case involving the Service Employees International Union Local 1 and other unions. They're arguing the laws passed last year to limit some of the powers of Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul violate constitutional separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches.

The State Journal reports the conservative-led court said Friday the state's interests "would be best served by the appeal bypassing the court of appeals."

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Haywood is a sophomore at Cardinal Stritch University, where he's pursuing a degree in business administration.

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