Democrats speak in Wausau with focus on healthcareSubmitted: 10/25/2018
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek
Senior Reporter / Anchor

Democrats speak in Wausau with focus on healthcare
WAUSAU - Many people supported the president Wednesday night at his rally in Mosinee. But despite the obvious enthusiasm for Trump's message, some Democrats believe they will see victory in the midterms.

On Wednesay, a group of democrats gathered to focus on one main issue that they believe puts them ahead of the Republican Party.

"Tearing down a law that has prevented people like me from going bankrupt during a health crisis is not a viable path forward and it's not a moral path forward," said Vik Verma, who lives in Merrill.

Verma knows firsthand what it's like to have a medical crisis after being involved in a car accident last year.
"I had complications from surgery that put me on a ventilator," said Verma.

After months of recovery, he'd racked up $450,000 in medical bills, but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, he only had to pay 3,500.

"I feel passionately now, given my own circumstances, to try to make sure that other people have the protections I had when I had my accident," said Verma.

Verma believes Gov. Scott Walker and Republican Senate candidate Leah Vukmir will take away those protections. Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) agrees.

"Republicans overwhelmingly voted over and over again to take away our health care, why should we trust them now," said Shankland.

Shankland specifically cited Vukmir's support of ending the affordable care act, and Walkers support of a lawsuit that challenges whether protections in the ACA are unconstitutional.

"Unfortunately that means he supports ending pre-existing conditions, and that's just really disappointing because the people of Wisconsin overwhelmingly support those protections," said Shankland.

Verma says Republican support for taking away those protections should concern all voters. 

"Even if something hasn't happened to you yet, that's great, but that doesn't mean something couldn't happen to you at a later point as I found out," said Verma.

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Through December, it raised more than $300,000 for local nonprofit groups.

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The Northwoods United Way and other groups hosted the first-ever Northwoods Volunteer Fair.

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