Family waits 25 years for Packers season ticketsSubmitted: 08/10/2018
Mazie Vincent
Mazie Vincent
Sports Anchor/Reporter

Family waits 25 years for Packers season tickets
GREEN BAY - After a long offseason, Packers fans made their way to Lambeau field for the first time tonight.

Green Bay might be a small city, but filling the 80,000-seat stadium isn't very hard.

Finding tickets for any Packers game can be challenging even in the preseason.

"There's nothing else like it," said longtime Packers fan Craig Minsky. Going to Packers games is a lifelong tradition for the Minsky family.

"I live for this," said Craig's son Jake Minsky. "It's something to look forward too throughout the year, and it's something we get to treat others to as well."

Treating others is new for the Minsky family. They have been on the season ticket waiting list since 1991.

"Twenty-five years later, we got season tickets," Craig said.

Craig put his two sons on the list when they were born.

But they never thought their family would be chosen.

"It's absolutely surreal," Jake said. "That letter in the mail, wow I couldn't shut up about it for weeks."

And Craig says the memories they've made make all of this even more special.

"I walked in the stadium but I remember the first time they walked in and I just watched them more than anything else," Craig said. "Now we are able to come now with our tickets and enjoy it for the next generation."

The Minskys hope the season tickets will stay in the family forever.

"Keep passing on them on, keep them in the family because I don't ever plan to stop coming to these games," Jake said.

The Packers next preseason game is on August 16 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

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