Oneida County Courthouse dome gets new lighting Submitted: 07/27/2018
Dakota Sherek
Dakota Sherek
Senior Reporter / Anchor

Oneida County Courthouse dome gets new lighting
RHINELANDER - Arguably the most recognizable feature of Rhinelander got an upgrade recently. One that not only adds some extra shine, but saves the city money, too.

"I love this building," said Assistant Facility Director Troy Huber.

Huber appreciates the beauty of the Oneida County Courthouse, and its glass dome.

"It's like a focal point of Rhinelander," said Huber. 

A focal point, that he wanted to see shine over Rhinelander.

"It's awesome, no reason not to do it," said Huber. 

The dome, along with the rest of the courthouse and other county buildings, were switched to all LED lighting. 

"The dome I would say is definitely the icing on the cake to this project," said Lumedio General Manager Lisa King. 

Lumedio, a Rhinelander company, installed the new lights. 

"We kind of brought these big fixtures in and lit them indirectly so you see the glow," said King. 

King says by investing in LED, the county is saving a lot of money.

"The lighting in the courthouse will pay for itself in a year in a half in energy savings," said King. 
Focus on Energy was brought on to make sure the county got a good return on its investment.

"They're setting a great example, especially here in the Northwoods. LEDs are the way of the future," said Focus on Energy Advisor Adam Snippen. 

Everyone can agree that revamping the dome was a big perk in the project. 

"I get to see all these unique buildings and this one is definitely special," said Snippen. 
A special building, that now has its own unique glow. 

"Everybody's noticed the dome and really likes it," said Huber. "So we're pretty proud of it." 

Huber believes Oneida County is the first in the state to go completely LED. The project in all cost about $70,000, but Huber says through Focus on Energy the county got about $50,000 back.

The Rhinelander High School Theater Department donated the colored film used to create the dome's green glow.

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