Kindness Rock Movement found its way to RhinelanderSubmitted: 07/08/2018
Mazie Vincent
Mazie Vincent
Sports Anchor/Reporter

Kindness Rock Movement found its way to Rhinelander
RHINELANDER - Be on the lookout for rare rocks with inspiring messages crafted on them.

The Kindness rock movement has found its way to Rhinelander.

Anitgo native Stepheni CUrran made a stop in the Northwoods to promote her new book, "Rock on Kindness! Pass it on!"

She said she wrote the book to promote kindness, diversity, and acceptance of others through kindness rocks.

She read her book to children at the Holiday Acres Resort. 

After she shared her message, the kids created their own rock design.

"I think kids just want to be helpful and they want to promote kindness themselves," Curran said. "So this is 
something that kids and adults and all ages can really do. So that's why I really enjoy going around touring Wisconsin to promote these valid themes."

Some of the rocks the kids painted will be placed all throughout the resort for others to find.

Holiday Acres plans to start its own kindness rock initiative alongside the Hodag Rock group.

"The aspect of hiding the rocks around Holiday Acres or if they chose to take them home, hiding them around their home or around town and the idea that someone else is going to find them and find this awesome message or this cool picture that they made," said Jenni Kotula, general manager of Holiday Acres. "It's pretty great."

Kotula said promoting a local author and a strong message was the resort's way of supporting the community.

For more information on the kindness rock movement, head to our website wjfw.com.

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"It's pretty much tradition, said Lyons. "We always stop here after."

Although it's tradition, Lyons is celebrating to something new and special after 12 years of hunting.

"It's actually my first deer first buck I've ever shot," said Lyons. "It's well worth it after the 12 years."

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The Northern Edge Figure Skaters hosted a 'Parents Day Off' at the Rhinelander Ice Arena.

The team gave parents a day off to shop and hunt.

"Parents can get out," said skater Libbey Buchmann. "[They can] go do the stuff that they need."

Kids were busy ice skating, playing Christmas games, and eating a provided lunch.

The Northern Edge high school girls made sure all the games were fun and exciting

"I really liked helping out with the games and doing limbo and the naughty little elves game," said Peyton Clark.

There was a $20 entrance fee. The money raised will go to Northern Edges skating competitions.

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Mentored gun deer license sales have dropped from nearly 15,000 last year to under 13,000 this year with the bulk of license sales over.

That means fewer kids under 11 are going out with their parents.

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