Alex Young faces two write-in candidates in Rhinelander mayoral raceSubmitted: 02/19/2018
Story By Fitzgerald, Maggie

Alex Young faces two write-in candidates in Rhinelander mayoral race
RHINELANDER - You don't get to choose your mayor every year. Rhinelander's Dick Johns has been mayor for more than a decade. But this spring someone will replace him.

Alex Young, Chris Frederickson, and Scott Counter will be running in the general election in April.

Alex Young would like to think he's learned a thing or two about running a city.

"I recall being somewhat overwhelmed when I first got elected," said Young.

Young has served on Rhinelander's City Council for 13 years, while working as a computer software engineer. 

It is that experience, paired with years on the Oneida County Board, that makes Young confident he would make a good mayor.

"I don't know that we can afford for a learning curve for somebody with no experience in local government to jump in," said Young.

Young will be Rhinelander's only mayoral candidate on the ballot this April.

Scott Counter and Chris Frederickson plan to run as write-ins. They were thrown off the ballot because they didn't collect their nominating signatures correctly. Young turned in the errors.

"I think attention to detail is important especially when you're running a $10 million enterprise like the city," said Young.

Counter hopes voters pay attention to him still being in the race.

"Just because I'm not on the ballot doesn't mean that I was going to drop out because I have a lot of people in town supporting me and would like to see me in office," said Counter.

Counter was born and raised in Rhinelander. He would like to help Rhinelander's economy get back to the way it used to be when he was a kid.

"Lost a lot of businesses, a lot of people moved out, younger people moving out and I think I need to hopefully sustain people staying here and looking to possibly bring more industry," said Counter.

Counter is a machine operator for Rhinelander manufacturer ABX. Before that, Counter was an EMT.

"It would be a really good accomplishment as far as growing up here and just trying to help the community. It's one of those things that I've thought about over the years and finally decided to do," said Counter.

Young, too, wants to see more family supporting jobs come to Rhinelander. He also would like to see improvements in parks and roads.

"This is where I live, this is where I work, this is where I have fun. I want to see this community prosper. I want to see this community better for everybody in the future," said Young.

Young did not file to run for his City Council job, which means if he loses he'll be out of city government completely. 

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