Bear breaks into a Monico man's homeSubmitted: 10/08/2018
Story By Nina Schlosberg

Bear breaks into a Monico man's home
MONICO - Sounds of smashing, crashing, and growls in your home at 2:30 a.m. would scare just about anyone. A man in Monico woke up on Saturday morning not sure what was inside.

A young black bear found its way into John Ison's living room. With broken screens, windows, and scratched furniture, the bear caused quite a scene, but Ison was still in good spirits about the situation.

"I have that bear sign out front that says welcome, but it wasn't literally meant for the bear. It's for family and friends, not for the bear. I guess he took it literally," Ison said with a laugh.

For Ison, seeing a bear in his living room was the surprise of a lifetime. 

"The front door was open. The first thing I did, I looked over to the counter and I saw the head of a bear," Ison said. 

With family visiting his home that weekend, his first instinct was to protect them. 

"My wife was in the back bedroom so I went in the back bedroom and grabbed my pistol from my nightstand and shut all the doors and came out," Ison said. 

When he came back out he realized the bear wasn't a threat, just a scared cub that wanted to escape. 

"He never made any woofs or barks or chomps; he was just scared." Ison said 

The bear ran across his living room, destroying things in the house. That's when 
Ison decided he needed another escape. 

"I went outside to go and open the slider to give him another avenue to get out," Ison said. 

The bear got out safely. Ison believes the young bear was pushed into the front door by a larger bear, a mother with cubs, that sometimes hangs around his house. 

"I think she caught him in the yard and he was with those cubs I think she ran him into the door," Ison said. 

Michelle Woodford with the DNR believes Ison handled the situation the way he should have. 

"The best step to take would be to stay out of the bear's way. The best thing to do is to is to open doors and give them as many escape routes as possible," Woodford said.

With any situation like this, Ison said it's best to keep calm.

"Nine times out of 10 they are more afraid of you than you are of them," Ison said.

Ison doesn't think he will have his guest coming back anytime soon.

"I think he has had enough," Ison said.

Insurance will pay for Ison's damages. If anyone has a situation with wildlife they cannot handle, they are urged to call wildlife services.  

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It can protect you and your clothing for up to six months. 

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