Northland Pines hosts indoor softball scrimmageSubmitted: 04/06/2018
Story By Katie Leszcynski

Northland Pines hosts indoor softball scrimmage
Northland Pines hosted a softball scrimmage with Lakeland Union on Friday night. With the fields still being covered in snow, the teams had no choice but to play inside.

"I like practicing, but the girls want to play ball, it's time for the real deal. This will get us as close to that as we can," said Northland Pines' head coach, Jacob Schueller.

Schueller has been the head coach of the Northland Pines softball team for three years. When his fields are still covered in snow in April, he goes to a backup plan.

"Jason Morris, the Lakeland coach reached out to me and he said 'hey, what do you think about a scrimmage?' and I said 'yeah, let's do it'," said Schueller.

Some things were a little different than in an actual game outside.

"Balls are going to bounce differently on the floor. Also, it's a lot harder for our pitchers. They don't have the rubber they're used to pushing off on," said Northland Pines senior, Rhavyn Millis.

But other things were essentially the same.

"Left and center, we're legitimate when it comes to distance of an outfield fence," said Schueller.

There wasn't wind to factor in, the balls were softer and there wasn't sun in their eyes when they were trying to catch a pop fly. So it did feel a little weird for the players.

"It is, it's very weird. But I'm just happy because it's a game and we have to wait another couple weeks to play again because of the snow," said Lakeland Union junior, Ally Pairolero.

The only rules that were different were hitting the ceiling. If you hit it once, it was a strike, if you hit it twice, you were out. But that still gave the players enough to get the feel of a game time atmosphere.

"When we get back to practice next week, we'll have some actual things to talk about and work on outside of just skills, drills and fundamentals," said Schueller.

When there's feet of snow still on your field, you just have to deal with the card's you're dealt. Or the balls you're pitched.

On Monday night, the Northland Pines softball team will play another scrimmage inside as they host Three Lakes.

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