Homecoming traditions continued Saturday at Camp RandallSubmitted: 11/12/2016
Story By Katie Leszcynski

Homecoming traditions continued Saturday at Camp Randall
MADISON - Saturday afternoon down in Madison, Badger fans came back to Camp Randall for homecoming.

One homecoming tradition is the law school cane toss that happens every year. Graduating law students throw a cane over the crossbar of the goal post and if they catch it on the other side, they supposedly will win their first case.

"This is the symbol of the end of our law school careers. It's really great because we get to do it all with our friends and it's one last celebration," said third-year law student Lexi Keyes.

For Keyes, she unfortunately didn't catch her cane.

"Ya know, it's not always about winning. I want to go into the criminal justice system and So for me it's more about justice than it is about winning or losing," said Keyes.

There are many rumors as to when the cane toss actually started, but it apparently dates back to around 1915.

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EDGAR - A drive into Edgar leads visitors past a Wells Fargo bank branch and a Dollar General store, clear signs of the 21st century.

But a few blocks into town, a hint of the 19th century comes into view.

Karl Rauen's family lived in a pioneer home just north of Edgar in the 1800, and now, that home sits in the village park for visitors.

"My grandkids think I live here," said Jeannie Heidmann with a laugh.

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MARATHON COUNTY - Marathon County advertises that "Time is On Your Side." It's on welcome signs for drivers entering the area. They've been up for years, but what does it mean?

The county's economic development organization came up with the slogan with the help of their consultant.

"We're an urban, rural, a little bit of Northwoods, all combined together," said Karger.

County Administrator Brad Karger says the initiative started in 2004 as a way to bring in businesses. Now, the county is trying to encourage people to come live in the area.

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MOUNT PLEASANT - A county coroner official says two people are dead after a semi crashed on an interstate in southeastern Wisconsin, exploding and setting fire to other vehicles.

A WTMJ-TV photographer who witnessed the crash says the semi jumped the median on I-94 about 11 a.m. Wednesday. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports the accident happened near Mount Pleasant, about 24 miles (38 kilometers) south of Milwaukee.

The Racine County medical examiner says two people died, and the sheriff is reporting several injuries but has not provided details.

All lanes of the interstate are closed. A Flight for Life helicopter was sent to the scene.

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WAUSAU - Outdoor art installations in Downton Wausau do more than just add character to the streets. The colorful umbrellas suspended above 3rd St. every summer could actually help the River District fund future projects.

Mark Craig with Compass Properties says he got the idea for the umbrella display in 2016 from the photo of a festival he saw in Portugal.

"We borrowed the idea and brought it to Wausau," said Craig.

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WAUSAU - Sports often get passed down from generation to generation, especially when it comes to water ski shows.

The Central Wisconsin Water Walkers have become almost a rite of passage in some families around Wausau, especially for the Weiland sisters: Julie, Maddie and Greta

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The Hurley School Board officially made "Northstars" the school's mascot at a meeting on Monday.

The move follows a vote by the student body and staff in favor of the change.  "Northstars" beat out "Storm" and "Timberjaxx."

Hurley is changing its names from "Midgets," which some find offensive.

Now, the district is inviting people to submit any drawing, sketch, or logo ideas in person, by mail, or to genisot@hurley.k12.wi.us by July 8.  The rebranding committee will decide on a new logo on July 9.

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MADISON - A Republican Wisconsin state senator says he will vote against the budget that was written by fellow Republicans, leaving the GOP with only one vote to spare in the Senate.

Sen. Steve Nass, of Whitewater, said Wednesday that he will not support the state budget as written by the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee. The panel approved the budget last week and it's scheduled to be taken up by the Assembly on Tuesday, with the Senate to follow.

Republicans hold a 19-14 majority in the Senate, meaning they can lose only two votes and still have enough GOP backing to approve the budget. Nass is part of a contingent of hard-line conservatives who speak out against spending increases.

Nass says one of his objections is the 5.6% spending increase under the two-year budget plan.

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