New brewery draws inspiration from the NorthwoodsSubmitted: 08/14/2015
Story By Karolina Buczek

New brewery draws inspiration from the Northwoods
WOODRUFF - Craft breweries often give their beers unique names.

The newest brewery in Woodruff does that and more. The Rocky Reef Brewing Company also offers its customers a unique Northwoods environment.

The brewery uses recipes its brewmaster created at home. One of the most popular beers was created through a series of mistakes.

"We started messing around and by the end of it after a few mess ups, [it was created]," says brewery co-owner Tyler Smith.

"He said, 'This isn't good.' I said, 'Wait, let's not throw it away yet.' We tried it and I was like, 'This is actually amazing," says brewery co-owner Christine Forrer.

Forrer and Smith have lived in many different places across the country but decided to open up their brewery in Woodruff.

"I've been coming up every summer my whole life, and we just love the Northwoods," says Forrer.

"It's named after the street where she grew up," says Smith.

Many of the beers on tap are named after different places in the Northwoods.

"We have a Never Fail Pale Ale which is named after a beach on Trout Lake," says Smith.

"[There's also a] Musky Bite because we're right next to the Musky capital of the world," says Forrer
Forrer and Smith also wanted to recreate a relaxed Northwoods environment for people to enjoy.

"[It's a] pretty laid back place," Smith said. "People come in, grab a pint, [have] good conversation, [play] pingpong. It's a great little spot for people to come in."

For more information on the brewery, click on the link below.

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