Pine Wood Country Club will add new form of golfSubmitted: 05/16/2015
Story By Nolan Blair

Pine Wood Country Club will add new form of golf
HARSHAW - Pinewood Golf Course in Harshaw will offer another type of golfing this spring and summer.

It's called fling golf.

You only need one stick to play the game.

Fling golf can be played on any golf course.

A solid fling can go over 200 yards!

Pinewood Golf Course owner Chip Bromann is excited to offer the new form of golf.

"It's a lot like swinging a baseball bat and so everybody done that before one time in their life so you don't need to be a skilled golfer to actually score well," Bromann said. "Once you learn on the range how to throw the ball with a fling stick, everybody can play this game."

Shots are easier to get on the fairway with the Fling.

Bromann hopes to get people who have never played golf at Pinewood like Mary Ann Doyle.

"I think it's really great that Chip is trying new things on the golf course because like I say I've been on this golf course before and I don't play golf," Harshaw's Mary Ann Doyla said. "It's a beautiful course to ride a golf cart on. There's streams and bridges and stuff, its perfect"

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CRANDON - The holiday season came a little early this year to charities in Forest County.

A team from the Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel delivered toys and essentials to charities around Crandon.

Donated toys went towards the Associated Banks Giving Tree Program.

A spokesperson from the bank gave a statement on behalf of the donation.

"Associated has been a coordinator and sponsor of the Giving Tree since it began in 1994," the statement said. "We are proud of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues in Crandon who willingly donate toys to children in need, it is exciting to see the increase in donations year after year."

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MADISON - The commander of the Wisconsin National Guard has agreed to resign following a federal investigation that found the Guard deliberately defied federal law, regulations and policies on handling sexual assault complaints.

The National Guard Bureau this year reviewed how Wisconsin commanders report, investigate and prosecute sexual assaults.

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Arrest made in Racine homicideSubmitted: 12/09/2019

RACINE - Police say a female suspect has been arrested in a fatal shooting in Racine.

Officers are recommending the 38-year-old Racine woman face charges of first-degree intentional homicide.

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MADISON - The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection reports gypsy moth populations are down across the state.

Gypsy moths are an invasive species from Europe. Their caterpillars feed on the leaves of trees and shrubs, devouring forest foliage.

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State patrol applicants upSubmitted: 12/09/2019

MADISON - Wisconsin State Patrol saw an increase in applicants. This comes after a change in requirements in hopes of a more diverse staff.

The application period opened back in November.

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MINOCQUA - People drive hours to experience the many lakes the Northwoods has to offer.

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RHINELANDER - Fires cause roughly ten million dollars worth of damage to U.S. homes every winter.

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