Phelps School District starts trap shooting clubSubmitted: 05/07/2015
Story By Dan Marz

Phelps School District starts trap shooting club
PHELPS - The popularity of high school trap shooting seems to be spreading all across the Northwoods.

The Phelps School District is one of the latest to take up the sport.

Students came up with the idea to start a trap shooting club last year, and the program got started this spring. But even with the help of overwhelming community support, the club has experienced some growing pains.

"This first year has been a growing project for all of us," says Head Coach Jason Pertile. "We're learning the rules, we're learning how to shoot. But the biggest thing is the kids are being safe, and they're having a ton of fun."

One of the biggest hurdles the team has to clear is a small budget.

"Trap shooting is very expensive," says Pertile. "Our school board, for this first year, approved us to supply the clays and the shells for the first year to help us get going. Beyond that, everything else has been donated or fundraised."

The kids love being able to come and shoot with their friends.

"It's really fun," says seventh grader Dakota Kangis. "It's good for the community. It's good for other people to get interactive with trap shooting."

As a program in its first year, Phelps can't compete in shoots outside its conference, but the team still has goals it wants to hit.

"My expectations were to come out and teach the kids proper technique, safety being number one, and obviously just enjoy the sport of shooting," says Pertile. "They've exceeded that all the way through."

Coach Pertile says there's nowhere to go but up.

"The sport of trap shooting is going to continue to grow, I think, across the state of Wisconsin," he says. "These clubs are popping up everywhere. Like I said, there's seven teams relatively close that are considered in our conference, and I just see the program continuing to grow."

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