Northwoods man builds emergency trailer to help accident victims in remote areasSubmitted: 04/14/2015
Story By Karolina Buczek

Northwoods man builds emergency trailer to help accident victims in remote areas
MERCER - Ambulances in the Northwoods sometimes have trouble accessing remote areas deep in the forest. As a result, EMTs can't always immediately help people who are hurt.

In an effort to solve that problem, one Northwoods man built a custom off-road recovery and rescue unit.

"The principle behind this is that anybody can haul it with any SUV, truck, car to the trail head," says inventor Karl Brunell. "They hook up with the ranger or any big UTV."

The unit is just the right size to fit into places most ambulances can't access.

"In a case where there are multiple injuries, the trailer can haul three injured people and two paramedics at 75-degree indoor temperature," says Brunell. "[It's] warm, safe, well lit."

This unit is designed to travel through all types of weather conditions, so if there is too much snow or mud on the ground, it's not a problem. EMTs can just drop the trailer's skis, and it's good to go.

EMTs in Mercer think the trailer will help save a lot more people. Before they had access to the unit, it would take them about 20 minutes just to get to person in some remote areas.

"This is going to allow us to work out of it," says Adam Kussard, an EMT in Mercer. "We can actually do patient care inside of this unit, as opposed to buttoning them up, getting them out of the area that they're in, then working on them. We can work on them right away."

"If something like a bone nicked an artery, they wouldn't even know it until it was too late," says Brunell. "That seemed a little bit unreasonable, so I came up with this."

It cost Brunell $13,000 and 700 hours to build the unit.

EMTs think the time was well spent. They say Brunell made the Northwoods a lot safer with his unit.

"There are many emergency situations where heat or just the ability to give the care immediately will help in life-and-death situations," says Kussard.

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