Wisconsin Chief Justice sues to keep postSubmitted: 04/09/2015
Wisconsin Chief Justice sues to keep post
Story By Associated Press

MADISON - The Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court wants to keep that position for a while longer.

Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson has filed a federal lawsuit to try to ensure she is not removed from her post.

Abrahamson filed the lawsuit after voters approved a constitutional amendment changing the process for selecting the chief justice.

For the past 126 years the position has gone to the most senior member of the court.

The amendment lets the seven justices decide who will be the chief.

The liberal Abrahamson was expected to be voted out by the four-justice conservative majority.

Abrahamson argues in the lawsuit that the change should not be applied until after her current term ends in 2019.

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What We're Working OnSubmitted: 06/20/2019

- Tonight on Newswatch 12:

After announcing last month that operations at Blackwell Job Corps in Forest County will close down, the USDA reversed its decision and will keep the Civilian Conservation Center open at least for the time being. We'll talk to counsellors and students about their reaction to the news.

We'll take you live to the Taj Mahal banquet center building in Rhinelander which now has new owners and a new name.

Plus, we'll show you a golf tournament in Arbor Vitae where pink was the color of the day, and we'll tell you why.

We'll bring you this and more tonight on Newswatch 12 - news from where you live.

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6/20/19, 4:45 p.m.

All lanes of Interstate 94 in Racine County are open following a fiery, fatal crash involving two semis and several other vehicles.

The Racine County Sheriff's Office said the northbound lanes reopened early Thursday morning after repairs were made to the roadway.

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MADISON - The state Assembly has approved two bills that would stiffen drunken driving penalties.

The first measure would require anyone arrested for a first offense to appear in court. Currently a first offense is a civil violation, not a criminal one, and people can skip their initial court appearance.

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WISCONSIN DELLS - Recovery boats hit the water in the Wisconsin Dells again Thursday morning, hoping to find a missing child.

Witnesses said they saw the child go under the water on Tuesday night.

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WAUSAU - Aniwa creek runs through the Ice Age Trail just south of Hwy 52 in east Marathon Co. The bridge that kept people safe and dry was breaking down.

But the Ice Age Trail is blessed with a famously strong group of volunteers.

Rick Bie didn't use a drill when he was a marketer.

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WAUSAU - Outdoor art installations in Downton Wausau do more than just add character to the streets. The colorful umbrellas suspended above 3rd St. every summer could actually help the River District fund future projects.

Mark Craig with Compass Properties says he got the idea for the umbrella display in 2016 from the photo of a festival he saw in Portugal.

"We borrowed the idea and brought it to Wausau," said Craig.

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MADISON - New University of Wisconsin System regents President Drew Petersen wants to focus on student internships and counseling.

Petersen said in telephone interview that he wants to expand student internship opportunities, particularly in undergraduate research. He added he wants to invest more in student support services and counseling, saying kids are under more stress than ever before.

He didn't offer specifics on how he would accomplish those goals.

Petersen said he was pleased the Legislature's Republican-controlled finance committee approved $1 billion for UW building projects last week.

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