Man charged with 10th OWI; tells officer he'd eaten beer battered fishSubmitted: 12/09/2014
Man charged with 10th OWI; tells officer he'd eaten beer battered fish
Story By Hayley Tenpas

TOWNSHIP OF DELL PRAIRIE - An Adams County man will be charged with his 10th OWI.

75-year-old John Przybyla was pulled over October 12.
He was driving north on State Highway 13 in the Township of Dell Prairie. Officers pulled him over because he crossed the center line and had a broken tail light.

The officer asked Przybyla if he had been drinking. He said that he hadn't, and that he'd only eaten beer battered fish.

The officer conducted field sobriety tests and Przybyla's preliminary breath alcohol test was .062. He can't have a PBT over .02 because of earlier convictions.

He faces an additional charge of driving with a revoked license after a 3rd OWI and three other traffic citations.

Przybyla was first convicted for an OWI in 1995. We don't know when he'll be in court next.

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EAGLE RIVER - Graduating seniors would normally get their diplomas around this time of year.

Although COVID-19 has cancelled in-person ceremonies, school districts are finding clever ways to honor their graduates.

Northland Pines printed up a poster for every graduating senior in the class of 2020.

The district hung these posters in downtown Eagle River last week and they are now with students at home.

Although the grads are disappointed in the lack of a formal ceremony, they were happy to see their accomplishments recognized.

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FOX LAKE, WI - A physical therapist nurse on staff at Fox Lake Correctional Institution (FLCI) has tested positive for COVID-19.

At 8 am count this morning several residents who had been in contact with her were moved to the segregation unit for quarantine.

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RHINELANDER - Hodag Country Fest is on this year, after the Oneida County Public Safety Committee approved a large gathering permit.

Nearly everybody in the public comment period were against a permit for Hodag Fest. Two-thirds of emails regarding Hodag fest were against it. After all of this, the committee voted 4 to 1 to approve the permit.

Oneida County Public Health Department head Linda Conlon spoke out against the permit.

She cited Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation guidelines limit programmed events to 50 people. Hodag Fest regularly attracts tens of thousands of people.

Conlon said Hodag fest will bring in tourists from areas with a lot of infections.

"We are drawing people in from areas in the state of Wisconsin with higher levels of COVID-19 positives," said Conlon.

Dawn Eckert, a Hodag fest organizer, also spoke at the meeting. She said at-risk individuals will stay home whether they hold the Hodag or not.

"With the number of tourists already visiting the area, and Wal-mart being packed, Menards, Home Depot, the restaurants, the bars… How does what the high risk group need to do to protect themselves change by us having the festival?" said Eckert.

Committee member Mitchell Ives voted in favor of the permit, saying it comes down to personal choice.

"I believe it's up to the individual person if they don't want to go to a restaurant to eat, they don't have to," said Ives. "If they don't want to go to the Country Fest, they don't have to. That's our right. And I think as a private business I think these people have a right to do it."

Committee member Billie Fried was the only dissenting vote. He said he couldn't support a gathering of this magnitude in good conscience.

"I totally get that we want to give individuals that own businesses the right to do business," said Fried. "This is a whole different ball of wax, though. This is a nine-day event with thousands, not 200, not 1000 people."

The permit was approved with 25 conditions submitted by Hodag fest. The conditions are listed below:

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NORTHERN WISCONSIN - May 26 marks the date Gov. Evers' "Safer at Home" extension was set to expire.

Although multiple businesses reopened within the last two weeks, many government buildings and local municipalities still remain closed.

Ten counties still remain locked down after imposing their own version of Evers' safer at home order. However, legal confusion follows shortly behind their decision.

The State Supreme Court's ruling left it up to counties and individual businesses on how to operate, with some guidance from places like the WEDC.

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LINCOLN COUNTY - A fatal motorcycle accident happened in Lincoln County on Monday near Tomahawk.

According to the press release, first responders were called just after 10 A.M. on Monday to the County Rd. S and State Hwy. 107 area.

When crews arrived, they found a Harley Davidson in a ditch.

Evidence at the scene of the crash suggests that the crash actually occurred overnight, but wasn't discovered until daylight.

The motorcycle operator was pronounced dead at the scene from his injuries. 

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JANESVILLE, WI - Authorities say two people have been hurt, including one with serious injuries, after a house exploded in Janesville.

Fire Department Battalion Chief Ron Bomkamp says that one tenant had smelled gas for a while and when another tenant lit a cigarette, the home exploded Monday night.

Firefighters responded about 9:15 p.m. after neighbors reported the duplex was on fire.

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RHINELANDER - Farmers and ranchers who have been financially hurt by the coronavirus have the opportunity to get aid from the federal government starting today (Tuesday).

Applications for the USDA's "Coronavirus Food Assistance Program" will be accepted through Aug. 28.

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