Police: Wisconsin stabbing victim walking, talkingSubmitted: 06/04/2014
Story By Associated Press

Police: Wisconsin stabbing victim walking, talking
WAUKESHA - Waukesha police have good news about the 12-year-old whose friends stabbed her 19 times and nearly killed her over the weekend.

Police Capt. Ron Oremus said Wednesday the girl is on the road to recovery, at least physically. He says she's walking and talking again, and that she's ``a fighter'' to be recovering so well from such trauma.

Doctors say she was ``1 millimeter away from certain death'' because one of her stab wounds just missed a major artery near her heart.

Two of her classmates are charged with trying to kill her Saturday. The girls told detectives they conspired for months to kill her in hopes of pleasing Slenderman, a fictional online character.

Oremus says the victim's family is still overwhelmed and asks that their privacy be respected.

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MERRILL - When describing feelings, many can be at a loss for words, but music can harmonize to the fluid and complicated nature of emotions.

People stepping into the sanctuary of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Sunday afternoon were met with sounds that echoed their joy and grief.

On January 12 2018, Congregational President Jacob Marheine heard there was a car accident near Rhinelander but didn't think much of it.

"That was until Pastor's wife called me that night, while I was sitting down to dinner and told me that Pastor Weiland was in a car accident," said Merheine. 

On January 22 Weiland passed away. 

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TOMAHAWK - About 4000 people walked the main street of Tomahawk Sunday, checking out cars as old as a century. Around 275 vehicles were at the 25th annual Main Street Memories Car Show.

Aimee Dickrell of Tomahawk Main Street said the car show attracts peoples from around the state.

"We are pulling people that are coming from the Madison, West Bend, Milwaukee area," said Dickrell. "We'll get some further north of here that will come in. So it's really branched out to show what the Northwoods has to offer."

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MADISON - Wisconsin might be best known for its beer offerings, but the state's wineries are drawing tourists from across the Upper Midwest.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that a Michigan State University study estimated that 1.78 million visits were made to Wisconsin's winery tasting rooms in 2015, bringing in nearly $50 million in wine tourism.

The study's author, Dan McCole, is an associate professor of tourism and sustainability at Michigan State University.

McCole found that most people don't visit Wisconsin's wineries to learn about wine, but rather for leisure, such as family gatherings.

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TOMAHAWK - The memory of a Tomahawk teenager who died in a tragic mining accident lives on at the Tyler Kahle Memorial Field in Pride Park.

That field will soon get some upgrades thanks in part to a special fundraiser. At the Inshallah Country Club Saturday, over 60 people participated in a charity golf tournament that's proceeds will pay for improvements.

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MILWAUKEE - A Wisconsin judge has ordered Anheuser-Busch to stop suggesting in advertising that MillerCoors' light beers contain corn syrup, in a preliminary ruling on a lawsuit filed by MillerCoors against its rival.

U.S. District Judge William Conley for the Western District of Wisconsin Friday granted a preliminary injunction telling Anheuser-Busch to stop using the words "corn syrup" in ads that compare Miller Lite and Coors Light unfavorably with Bud Light, without giving more context in the ad.

MillerCoors sued its rival, saying Anheuser-Busch had spent as much as $30 million on a "false and misleading" campaign, including Super Bowl ads.

MillerCoors CEO Gavin Hattersley says the company is pleased with the judge's ruling. Anheuser Busch did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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EAGLE RIVER - Four blocks in Downtown Eagle River closed Saturday for the 4th Annual Memorial Day Arts & Crafts Festival.

The event brought out over 75 artisans from all across the Midwest. Those vendors were told to bring their best Northwoods inspired items to the festival. 

Kim Emerson with the Eagle River Area Chamber says all of the vendors have something else in common besides where they're from. 

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MANITOWISH WATERS - Hundreds enjoyed sunshine and sweet rides at the 4th annual Manitowish Waters Boat and Car show Saturday. Little Bohemia Lodge hosted the event that had about 50 boats and cars.

Manitowish Waters Chamber Executive Director Sarah Pischer said there's always a new car or boat that surprises her.

"They're all different, so you can always find some unique characteristic out of an old woody car, or a classy car, or the wooden boats," said Pischer. "They're just gorgeous."

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