Vilas County map maker wins award Submitted: 03/07/2014
Story By Dan McKinney

Vilas County map maker wins award
VILAS COUNTY - More people today use maps on their phones when traveling, but some people still like those paper maps.

The Vilas County GIS just made 15 maps of the area. They give people the option to download and print them at home. A map of Boulder Junction even won an award at the 27th annual Wisconsin land Information Association conference in Middleton.

"There was a lot of interest in creating a portable, easy to use map atlas that responders, town crew, delivery entities, could take out in the field with them and find any address point any road name any water body," says Rebecca Nordine, Vilas County GIS Specialist. "Something that they could bring out along out in the field with them."

The atlases will give people an easier way of looking up addresses across Vilas County.

"We do offer up online mapping and that's great but if you get into an area where there's no cell phone or no internet service you'll need something a map or paper map to fall back on," says Nordine.

Each atlas will be updated at the beginning of the year.

To download a copy of the atlases for FREE you can visit:

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WAUSAU - Parents can learn more about their children's early speech with what acts like a Fitbit for words, as part of the LENA Start program in Marathon County. 

Lena stands for Language ENviornment Analysis.

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MADISON - When a police officer in Wisconsin dies in the line of duty their family loses access to health insurance benefits.

A recent hearing at the state capitol could help pass a law ensuring those families are covered by the municipalities in which they live. 

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LAC DU FLAMBEAU - Candidates for Lac du Flambeau tribal government answered questions from their potential constituents Tuesday night.

Candidate Brittany Allen put together the pre-election forum. She said it's the first in years. Every candidate had an equal amount of time - two minutes - to respond to questions.

"I want this to be fair across the board for everybody and I want to express change," said Allen. "And I know that this will bring about change for the upcoming election and allow people to feel more in tune with what's going on with the tribe."

Allen said some of the topics covered were growing hemp on the reservation, solar energy, and housing problems. The forum was streamed for those who couldn't attend in person.

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GOODMAN - Wisconsin was one of five states in the country given the grade letter of a 'D' when looking at laws for keeping children safe online. 

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MADISON - Republican Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is running for Congress to succeed retiring longtime U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner.

Fitzgerald announced his bid Tuesday on WISN-AM. He is the first Republican to enter the race.

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EAU CLAIRE - The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire investigates an act of racism after a student allegedly found a racist message written on door to her dorm.

"Go back to the rez." That's the message UW-Eau Claire Junior Kayde Langer says was written on her dorm room Sunday morning.

"I was very shocked," Langer told a reporter. "The language within what is said was very violent, and that kind of harmed me because this is like my living space. This is where I live. Day to day basis I should be safe at this campus, and when they say those type of things it's not."

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