Northwoods couple speaks out about gay marriage lawSubmitted: 02/05/2014
Story By Kaitlyn Howe

Northwoods couple speaks out about gay marriage law
WOODRUFF - The American Civil Liberties Union will challenge Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit for a group of same sex couples on Monday.

It's affecting a Northwoods couple.

Isaiah Brokenleg and his partner live in Woodruff.

"The reality is marriage is about love and who you love," says Brokenleg.

The two were married in Minnesota where gay marriage is legal, in October.

But they say Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage makes things difficult.

"Because we got married in Minnesota and then came here we could be arrested, we
could serve time in jail, we could have to pay a big fine and that's also
scary," says Brokenleg.

The Supreme Court struck down The Federal Defense of Marriage Act in June.

Because of that, Isaiah and his partner do have federal benefits.

"The federal government recognizes us as married even though Wisconsin does not.
But, there will be problems with you know, we have to go to a specialist now for
our taxes because what do we do we can file jointly for federal but Wisconsin
we're just like roommates or something," says Brokenleg.

But Wisconsin doesn't recognize their marriage.

"What happens if one of us has to go to the hospital and we're not allowed to
see our partner," he says.

The pair wants to adopt kids.

Wisconsin's law could make that difficult.

"Only one of us could be the parent. We can't both be the parents. And so if for
example we did adopt a kid and let's say I adopted them and something happened
to me that kid would go back into foster care," says Brokenleg.

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said he would fight the suit.

"This constitutional amendment was approved by a large majority of Wisconsin
residents. I believe the amendment is constitutional, and I will vigorously
defend it," says Van Hollen.

That's news that discourages Isaiah and his partner.

"This lawsuit means justice, it means equality," says Brokenleg.

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