Teacher uses TV-style competition to spur students' creativitySubmitted: 11/19/2013
Story By Lauren Stephenson

Teacher uses TV-style competition to spur students' creativity
EAGLE RIVER - Teachers look for ways to make learning fun for their students.

One Northland Pines teacher decided to combine a Food Network TV show with her lesson plan.

"Chocolate cookies with mounds candy bars, Oreo cookies, a bunch of chocolate, chocolate chips, white chocolate. Just every type of chocolate you could imagine."

Northland Pines High School Senior Carly Ridderbusch describes her group's cookie recipe.

They're hoping the recipe will win their class's competition.

It's based on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay," a Food Network Show.

"I saw Bobby Flay's version of it, I thought, 'Wow, that would be really neat to do,' you know, and I think the kids really enjoy it," says Family and Consumer Education teacher Jill Dodge.

She decided to host a competition between her students.

And the students got creative making cookies from scratch.

"It took us about a half hour to mix it all together because there's so many ingredients," adds Ridderbusch.

Teachers and students had the tough task of judging a variety of cookies.

A competition like this isn't just fun for students.

It also teaches them important skills like finding and following recipes which will be very important to them when most of them head off to college next year.

"It's important so I don't have to eat canned soup or macaroni and cheese all the time" says Northland Pines senior Aaron Tienhaara.

"I'll be going off to college so that gives you a lot more variety of food I can make instead of just Ramen Noodles everyday. Then after that you always know the recipes that you make in here," explains Ridderbusch.

The peanut butter blossom cookies won the competition but the judges had a very tough decision.

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