Locally Owned Family Business Expands Across the Nation Submitted: 01/24/2013
Story By Shardaa Gray

Locally Owned Family Business Expands Across the Nation
RHINELANDER - The sound of a locally owned business might sound like a saw mill.

Steve Ory owns Enterprise Wood Products .

Business has changed since he started more than 15 years ago.

"The housing industry being so low around here that we had to expand to the whole united states just to stay in business. " said Ory.

They're getting national exposure this weekend on a reality tv show called Axmen.

"This Sunday is the premiere of axmen," said Steve.

"Where we get some of our lumber from superior, they're going to focus on that and it's going to be a part of that tv show. "

With the expansion of enterprise wood products, its not only shed light on Rhinelander, but it could possibly bring in more employment.

John McMullen has been working at Enterprise for a couple of years.

"With the work load that we have right now, we're working overtime to maintain what we do," said McMullen.

"So I believe that if we had any more work load we would have to expand to keep up with the demands of our work orders."

Steve brought on his son, Tom Ory, to help out with the business.

"I've always wanted to run my own business.I came up here one time for a weekend when I was in school," said Tom.

"I went out to the saw mill. There wasn't a lot going on out there. I kind of got the opportunity to get something going again, utitlize the equipments and the buildings out there. That's kinda how I got started. "

After all of their hard work, it has all paid off. Steve and Tom will show off their products in Madison at the Lake and Home Cabin Show.

"we're going to really emphasis reclaim beams, reclaim lumber out of old grain elevators and out of old barns," said Steve.

"Where ever we can get the product and make it into a new beautiful product again."

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