Five Shot During Confrontation at Racine BeachSubmitted: 06/03/2020
RACINE - Five people, including three juveniles, were shot at a beach in Racine as an argument escalated to gunfire.

Police say all five, which also includes victims 18 and 20 years old, were taken to the hospital, but their conditions weren't available.

A witness tells The Journal Times the incident began with an argument between two people and the crowd around them encouraged the confrontation.

She said one person pulled out a gun and started shooting. She says one girl who was walking at North Beach was shot in the arm.

The shooting happened about 7:20 p.m. when the beach was busy with people gathered for cookouts. Police did not say if a suspect has been arrested.

Story By: Associated Press

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MADISON - Protesters shut down a six-lane state highway that feeds into downtown Madison for a second day on Tuesday, as Gov. Tony Evers called for the Legislature to pass a law to reduce the use of police force and urged a united battle against racism.

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LUDINGTON, MICH. - A man who handled finances at a Lake Michigan ferry company pleaded guilty Tuesday to fraud in a scheme to steal money from the business.

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WASHINGTON - Amid racial unrest across the nation, President Donald Trump on Monday declared himself "the president of law and order" and threatened to deploy the United States military to American cities to quell a rise of violent protests.

As Trump spoke, an incredible TV split screen developed around the White House. While he addressed the nation in the White House's idyllic Rose Garden, a series of military vehicles rolled out front on Pennsylvania Avenue and military police and law enforcement clashed with protesters at Lafayette Park.

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MINNEAPOLIS - A medical examiner in Minnesota has classified George Floyd's death as a homicide, and says Floyd's heart stopped while he was being restrained by police and had his neck suppressed.

The report Monday listed as "other significant conditions" that Floyd suffered from heart disease and hypertension, had fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use.

A Minneapolis police officer has been charged with third-degree murder in Floyd's death, and three other officers were fired.

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MINNEAPOLIS - George Floyd's brother pleaded for peace in the streets Monday, saying destruction is "not going to bring my brother back at all," while President Donald Trump berated most of the nation's governors as "weak" for not cracking down harder on the lawlessness that has convulsed cities from coast to coast.

The competing messages - one conciliatory, one bellicose - came as the U.S. braced for another round of violence at a time when the country is already buckling because of the coronavirus outbreak and the Depression-level unemployment it has caused.

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MADISON - Fifteen people were arrested after a second night of violence erupted in Madison, with police firing tear gas as protesters again threw rocks and damaged store downtown stores following an earlier peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd.

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MADISON - University of Wisconsin graduates earn a median salary of about $49,000 one year after graduating, and those from Wisconsin are about six times more likely to remain in the state than those who come to the school from elsewhere, a school-funded study released Sunday showed.

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