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Sports Spotlight: Pines freshman Gremban setting records already Submitted: 09/14/2020
Eagle River -
If there's one thing a cross country runner like Nora Gremban can appreciate, it's the importance of a good start.

"When (Nora) was five years old, she ran the moonlight run here in Eagle River and she ran the whole thing," Northland Pines head coach Amy Gremban said. "So that's when I knew like 'oh my goodness, she ran a 5K when she was five years old.'"

Gremban is still running 5K races on the Northland Pines cross country team, although she's finishing them a little faster these days.

"I was mostly super excited that I broke our school record," Gremban said. "When I told my mom that I crossed the finish line at 19 minutes and 49 seconds she was like 'oh my gosh!' and I was really excited too."
In fact, Gremban was breaking records long before this year.

Her 400 and 1600-meter performances at the 2019 New Balance Nationals in North Carolina would have been high school records, had she not been in seventh grade at the time.

"It's pretty unbelievable," Nora's brother Sam said. "Just helping run with her and train has been a blessing."
"It was actually really different, but I liked the way it worked and it was really fun," Nora said.

Even with all of those accomplishments, Nora has kept everything in perspective.

"I kind of have to live up to the standards now, and keep performing and keep doing really well," Nora said.
She has plenty of milestones still to chase.

"She has a greater goal of running division one," Amy said. "Until she achieves that, I think she's going to remain pretty humble."

Nora has posted the best girls' time in both of Northland Pines' cross country meets so far.

She'll try to make it three for three Tuesday at a meet in Minocqua.

Written By: Andrew Goldstein

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