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Local sheriffs won't enforce mask mandate Submitted: 07/31/2020
Rhinelander - Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued a statewide mandate for citizens to wear a mask indoors on Thursday.

But while the mandate doesn't go into effect until August, many county sheriffs have already announced they won't be enforcing the mandate.

"This order is not enforceable the way that it is," said Terri Hook, Captain of the Oneida County sheriff's office. "I can't send deputies out to check on everybody who doesn't want to wear a mask."

Hook says that the department is not equipped to enforce the mask mandate and worries about emergency phone lines.
"We only have so many dispatchers on at a time and I can guarantee you there are people out there that will not wear masks and other people will be concerned," said Hook.

But she is not opposed to enforcing masks as long as there's a better plan.

"If they could create a law which had all these exceptions and some way for us to tell what these exceptions are, then yes we could enforce it but at this point we can not," said Hook.

Written By: Griffin Stroin

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