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Vilas County will not enforce mask mandate Submitted: 07/31/2020
Vilas County - The Vilas County Sheriff's Office issued a statement Friday in response to Gov. Evers' new mask mandate. It said the following in a post on Facebook: "The Vilas County Sheriff's Office lacks the resources needed to become the mask police in Vilas County. We will work with our public health department and encourage people to comply with this order when possible. Please do not tie up emergency phone lines with calls about mask compliance. Follow the governors recommendation in his FAQ's: What do I do if I see someone not wearing a mask, even though they should be? Nothing. Some people have conditions or circumstances that would make wearing a cloth face covering difficult or dangerous. Just wear your mask and stay six feet away. Thank You, Joseph A. Fath, Sheriff Vilas County Sheriff's Office"

Written By: Maya Reese

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