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Mosinee Youth Trap Shooting Team Making Big Strides Despite Inexperience Submitted: 07/30/2020
Mosinee -

Prodigies in the making. That's the best way to describe the members of the Mosinee trap shooting rookie team and their success is even making the coaches take notice. 

"It's pushes us as coaches to take it to the next level. It pushes us to consider more opportunities for them...they shot their 200 targets over two days so they have a taste of what it's like. So, maybe next year we can participate at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio...see what that's all about," said Head Coach Andrea Krzanowski.

Although they did not have enough shooters to earn a medal at last weekend's national tournament, the team posted one of the highest scores.

"These rookies have just done an exceptional job and they're so motivated to learn," Krzanowski added. 

These rookies range from experienced; like Braeden Moccadlo and Korbin D'Aquisto.

"This is my first year, but before with my dad, we'd shoot a little bit," said Moccadlo.

"I shot a little with my grandpa out here and I go hunting with my grandpa," added D'Aquisto.

To completely new to the sport; like Tatum Javorski and Kaeden Ludwig. 

"This is my first year I ever tried it...I saw it at school and thought it looked really cool," Javorski said. 

"I haven't shot trap before," said Ludwig, "in school I'd seen a paper and it just looked fun to shoot trap."

The team will compete in the Scholastic Clay Target Program State Shoot in Rome, Wisconsin. 

Written By: Nate Meihak

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