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Jeffrey Liebscher sentenced to three years in prison for a hit-and-run causing death Submitted: 07/30/2020
Rhinelander - Nearly one year ago in August 2019, Sean Holtslander was riding his motorcycle in Sugar Camp before he was struck by a truck driven by Jeffrey Liebscher. Instead of calling 911, Liebscher fled the scene.

Jeffrey Liebscher appeared in person at the Oneida County courthouse Thursday to receive his sentencing. Liebscher will serve three years in jail. 

Sean's mom, Dororthy Holtslander spoke directly at Jeffrey Liebscher Thursday morning, saying he's never showed remorse for his actions.
She asked Judge Patrick O'Melia to send Liebscher to prison for 23 years, the same amount of years Sean was alive.

"Judge O'Melia, I plead with you for justice for Sean," said Dorothy Holtslander. "Jeffrey Liebscher does not deserve mercy, for he showed none. He is a man who lives without showing mercy to anyone."

Attorney Gary Cirilli painted his client Liebscher as an upstanding citizen who made a critical mistake the evening of Sean's death.

Liebscher's friend Nathan Shrock echoed Cirilli.

"Jeff Liebscher is a good man, a good friend," said Shrock.

And Liebscher himself pointed to his clean record before last August.

"I've always been a very active and productive member of our schools, our communities and our society," said Liebscher.

He added that he would help the Holtslander family in any way while they grieve.

"I am truly sorry for everything that has happened," said Liebscher.

Judge Patrick O'Melia gave a statement as well - calling out when Liebscher broke his bail earlier this year by refusing a breathalyzer test, and when, on the night Sean Holtslander's death, Liebscher tried to cover up his involvement.

"We have you fleeing, lying at every step of the way, hiding the vehicle, hiding yourself," said O'Melia.

Through a plea deal, Liebscher was charged with a single count of felony hit-and-run causing death. Judge O'Melia sentenced Liebscher to three years in prison and seven years of probation.

As Liebscher left the courtroom he could be seen giving a thumbs up to the people who showed up to support him.

Written By: Dan Hagen

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