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Vocke and Felzkowski respond to Gov. Evers' mask mandate Submitted: 07/30/2020
Rhinelander - Politicians across the state and across the region were quick to react to Governor Tony Evers' statewide mask mandate.

We reached out to Democrat Ed Vocke who is currently running for the 12th state senate seat. He applauds Evers' statewide order.

"The underlying function of the state of Wisconsin is to protect people's health and well-being.A mask mandate is absolutely necessary in order to do that," said Vocke.

On the other side of the spectrum Ed Vocke's republican opponent Representative Mary Felzkowski said the governor overstepped his power, yet again.
"He's doing a one-size-fits-all. I think it's getting kind of ridiculous at this point. That's what we have local public health offices for; I think they're doing an amazing job," said Felzkowski.

Both Vocke and Felzkowski are running unopposed in their respective primaries.

That means they will likely be matched up in the November general election.

Governor Evers' order requires all Wisconsin residents to wear face masks while indoors until the end of September.

Evers' order goes into effect this Saturday August 1, making Wisconsin the 34th state to require face coverings.

Anyone age 5 years or older must follow the order. A number of exceptions were included in the mandate, including for members of the state Legislature and the state judiciary.

Exceptions are also made for eating and drinking, for speakers at religious services, reporters delivering news reports, and for people who have breathing issues.

In addition to the mask mandate, Evers also declared a new state public health emergency.

Written By: Morgan Johnson

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