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Resource center offers rides to aging and disabled Submitted: 07/30/2020
Eagle River - The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Vilas County volunteer transportation program is back after a short suspension due to COVID-19.

"Right away when COVID happened right away we suspended the program because we had to make sure we put in safety precautions in place," said Suan Richmond, ARDC Director.

Precautions were taken in order to make sure that both the volunteers and clients were safe.
"We took a couple of months to make sure that we could put things in place," said Richmond. "We ordered sneeze guards that are placed in between the front and rear seats of the volunteers vehicle."

The sneeze guards are protecting the volunteers and clients but are also giving them piece of mind.

"I think they appreciate that efforts are being made to ensure their safety," said Pam Cira, ADRC transportation program volunteer.

But without the volunteers and community support, this program wouldn't be possible.

"In a small community like this you rely on people who care and want to help and I had so many phone calls from people that said 'I just want to help. What can I do?' It is so awesome to be in a small community where everybody kind of knows everybody," said Richmond.

Written By: Griffin Stroin

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