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Rhinelander business first to be certified 'autism friendly' by ASCW Submitted: 02/26/2020
Rhinelander - A Rhinelander business is the first to be certified "autism friendly" by the Autism Society of Central Wisconsin.

The event included refreshments, speeches and even a ceremony where a certification sticker was put on the window.

Tom's Drawing Board owner Tom Barnett says it's not about his business getting certified; he's encouraging other area-businesses to get certified too.

"Autism friendly is just a place where the parent with an autistic child can go to knowing that their child is having a sensory overload, that is a judgmental free area," said Barnett.
When Barnett went through the training process, he was shocked to learn that he was the first business to complete the certification.

"I was a little shocked and I think that's part of the whole awareness thing because it is an easy process to do and something that's needed up here," said Barnett.

Barnett found out later that this initiative started in December 2019. Businesses that are interested in becoming certified autism friendly can contact the Autism Society of Central Wisconsin and Barnett for advice.

You can contact the Autism Society of Central Wisconsin at (920) 558-4602.

Tom Barnett can be reached at (715) 420-1001.

Written By: Devin Biggs

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