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Seniors gather at ADRC in Rhinelander to 'Share the Love' Submitted: 02/14/2020
Rhinelander - Seniors gathered at the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of the Northwoods to take part in the "Share the Love" Valentine's Day party Friday.

"There were many familiar faces but I also got to meet some new people too," said attendee Carolyn Caron.

Holidays like Valentine's Day can be harder after losing a loved one. That was the case for Caron, who lost her husband in November. 

"This is my first Valentine's Day without him and it's a different kind of day," said Caron. "I remember it with happiness because he was a very loving individual. I always got a Valentines card."
After 54 years of marriage, Caron remembers the little things that made all the previous Valentine's Days so special.

"Every day with him was special," said Caron.

Even though her husband is gone, Caron said she is not alone.

"My family made sure I had Valentine greetings right away," said Caron. "That probably was the sunshine of the day. Of course, the sun is shining too so you have to be happy with that!"

Caron wanted to spread that sunshine by wishing everyone a happy Valentine's Day.

Written By: Peter Dubois

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