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Crandon football hopes to bounce back with more newcomers Submitted: 08/11/2019
Crandon - The Crandon Cardinals are in the middle of their football training camp.

They've got 10 seniors and a lot of newcomers from other sports.

Crandon did not have the season they were hoping for last year.

The Cards finished 1-8, with their sole victory coming against White Lake/Elcho.

That season provided plenty of reason for new kids to sign up.

"They take their sports seriously, boys as well as girls," head coach Blaine Obey sad. "I don't think a lot of them were happy with watching the team struggle the way that we did. They wanted to come help out."
Crandon will be playing this season as an independent after many of their former conference members switched to eight-man football.

The Cardinals open the season against Gilman.

Written By: Andrew Goldstein

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