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Jeep Jamboree in Mole Lake attracts hundreds Submitted: 07/20/2019
Mole Lake - More than 120 Jeep owners made their way to Mole Lake to go off-roading through the trails of the Sokaogon Band.

"Jeep Jamboree really is about learning about what your Jeep is capable of and all of the things you can do," said event organizer Eric Loewenhagen.

Jeep drivers set off into areas most people have never seen in this year's Jeep Jamboree.

"It's not a race, it's not anything to get through quick. It's just a slow ride through the woods," said local coordinator John Lewins.

Drivers came from eight different states to get a Northwoods experience.

"It's a change of pace. They love the atmosphere. They love the wooded areas. It's something completely different than what they are used to," Lewins said.

One driver isn't a stranger to the Northwoods. Eric Loewenhagen is a Wisconsin native who hosts Jeep Jamborees all over the country.

"Wisconsin is a unique state. We've got everything from flat land all the way up to rolling hills in the Northwoods. It's truly scenic, we have excellent fall colors. It's worth driving to," Loewenhagen said.

Drivers could choose from 10 different trails ranging from mild to wild. The routes are changed every year to keep Jeep lovers coming back.

"Regardless of how big or small your Jeep is, the amount of resources you have, or where you come from, everyone is here to build each other up," Loewenhagen said. "No one is trying to one up each other. We are just here to enjoy the woods."

Just owning a Jeep makes you a winner at the Jeep Jamboree.

"It's a Jeep thing, you got to love it," Lewins said. "If you like them, you like them. If you don't, you don't. It's just a Jeep family. Once you get in one and drive it off-road, you're hooked."

Written By: Mazie Vincent

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