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Lac du Flambeau Boxing Club gains national attention Submitted: 07/17/2019
Lac du Flambeau -
Every day at five-o clock, fourteen Lac du Flambeau boxers strive for greatness.

"Essentially these are the next world champions that are facing off against each other," said boxing coach Booj LaBarge.

The Flambeau Indians have brought home champions almost every month since February.

"In Lac du Flambeau we have natural ability and athletic abilities," LaBarge said.

Those abilities range from eight-year-old boxers all the way up to amateurs in their thirties, including Derris Wolfe who just stated boxing a year ago and is now headlining his own event in Green Bay.

"Being able to come here every day was good enough for me and the more matches you get the more recognition you get," Wolfe said.

He's not the only one.Seth LaBarge won the national silver gloves tournament at eight-years old. In fact, the team has been so successful the Lac du Flambeau tribe has started to support the boxing club even more.

"This is just a place that they can come that is positive, there's no drugs and alcohol, there's no negative aspects going on here," LaBarge said.

The tribal board says the boxing club not only keeps the kids out of trouble but also brings success back to the Northwoods.

"We are making a name for Lac du Flambeau. We've come a long way and we still have a long way to go," LaBarge said.

Written By: Mazie Vincent

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