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Newman Catholic holds summer speed camp Submitted: 07/09/2019
Wausau - Jump ropes, boxes and tires don't figure prominently in any high school sport, but that equipment helps athletes of all sports to get better.

"I can just tell I've gotten faster," Newman Catholic senior Ben Bates said.

That happens a lot at Newman Catholic High School's speed camp.

"It builds your legs, it makes you stronger, it makes you faster," Bates said. "It just makes you an overall better athlete. It works on your speed, your agility, your quickness."

Not everybody is built like a runner, which is OK with instructor Paul Michlig.
"We're not looking to run six miles," Michlig said. "We're running to get better in that 20 to 100 meters."

One thing that Michlig and his fellow coaches aren't okay with is laziness.

"There's not anybody that's sitting on the couch that's going to be successful," Michlig said.

With more athletes choosing to play multiple sports every year, clinics like this one offer the chance to get better at everything.

"In baseball, you need to be able to accelerate off those bases," junior Dylan Ackermann said. "In football, you need quick feet to be able to tackle."

"It helps you with everything because it just makes you a better, stronger quicker athlete," Bates said.

That's exactly what Newman Catholic coaches want to hear.

"We always say 'we're not out here for ourselves, we're out here for you guys,'" Michlig said. "'So if you guys want to get better and put the effort into it, that's what we want to see.'"

The camp is at 8:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays Newman Catholic's outdoor track.

Written By: Andrew Goldstein

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