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Sports Spotlight: Pines' Siegmeier excels in multiple events Submitted: 04/15/2019
Eagle River - Northland Pines senior Lochlan Siegmeier competes in so many events that he sometimes has trouble picking a favorite.

"I like the [200-meter sprint] because it gives me enough time to catch up if I'm behind, if I have a bad start," Siegmeier said.

Siegmeier is a runner, hurdler and jumper. He went to state last year in the 300-meter hurdles and might get to state in a lot more than that this year.

"He really does have the skills," Northland Pines track coach Josh Rhode said. "He's been pole-vaulting. He's got the hurdles down. He can high jump, long jump and sprint obviously."
Siegmeier practiced those skills over the offseason when he and fellow Pines athlete Paige Hickson went to Australia for the Down Under Sports track and field competition.

"I went surfing with some friends I met over there; well, I attempted to surf," Siegmeier said.

He's faster and he's been able to jump higher," Rhode said. "He's all around just a great athlete."

One more thing on Lochlan's list of talents: Serving as an unofficial coach during practice when needed.

"He pushes everybody to be better and better themselves," teammate Gunnar Schiffman said. "He pushes them to be better people and better track runners."

As he pushes everybody else, Siegmeier thinks about what's next for him in college.

"There's a lot of opportunities and a lot of options right now," Siegmeier said. "I'm just seeing what happens."

As his senior year comes to a close, Siegmeier will have his choice of both schools and events.

Siegmeier says he's been in touch with University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. His cousin ran there in college and he hopes to as well.

Written By: Andrew Goldstein

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