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Evers: Sites to replace Lincoln Hills 'always part of' discussion, local reps. shouldn't be surprised Submitted: 03/13/2019
Wausau - Governor Evers' announcement on Tuesday choosing the two locations to replace Lincoln Hills apparently caught people in those communities off guard.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the Milwaukee Common Council President felt the decision was made without much, if any, local input.

Evers selected sites on the north side of Milwaukee and Hortonia, which is a small community near Appleton, for two youth detention centers.  It was in line with a bill signed last year that requires Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake Schools in Irma to close by 2021.
Evers told Newswatch 12 on Wednesday that many lawmakers were part of the statewide commission that settled on those sites last year. Evers was also a member while he was still serving as state school superintendent.

"Maybe they may have forgotten in the meantime, but at the end of the day those two areas of the state are where we're going to have our first two," Evers said.

Evers went on to say Wisconsin might look at building a third regional center, but that hasn't been decided yet. For his part, the governor pledged to work with local lawmakers to clear up any misunderstanding.

Written By: Lane Kimble

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