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Rhinelander dryer fire reminds people to remove lint Submitted: 02/10/2019
Rhinelander -

Rescue crews responded to an apartment fire in Rhinelander Sunday night.

The fire was found in a dryer inside an upstairs unit at 805 E. Timber Dr., according to the Rhinelander Fire Department.

There was heavy smoke, but R.P.D. put the fire out in minutes. 

Pine Lake and Pelican Fire Departments also arrived at the scene, but the fire was extinguished prior to their arrival.

Rhinelander Fire Chief Terry Williams said lint may have caused the fire. 

"Maybe there's lint around the heating element. If you don't clean them frequently, lint can build up and catch fire."

Chief Williams said the fire did not expand into the walls of the unit, but there were smoke and water damage. 

People were inside at the time but no one was injured.

Written By: Adriana Michelle

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