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9th Annual Bear Cupboard Run held in Minocqua Submitted: 07/21/2018
Minocqua - Minocqua hosted not one, but three different races Saturday. Each run was all a part of the Bear Cupboard Run.

People could participate in a half marathon or 5K. For the younger runners, there was a cubby run. All in all about 500 people participated. 
"We've always had big turnouts for this," said Race Director Pam Winkelman. "The community and those outside the community that are here to vacation, and some plan their vacation around the cupboard run, so we're thrilled." 

While organizers are thankful for the community support, there's another group in particular they'd like to thank.

"Our volunteers, the people that are coming and setting up and putting in their time, too," said Sandy Bolger, another race director. "Because this is labor intensive that's for sure."

The races raise money for the Lakeland Food Pantry and for the Wisconsin Nordic Development Group, which supports Nordic ski programs for kids.

Written By: Dakota Sherek

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