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Antigo Bow Club's youth program teaches basic techniques Submitted: 02/17/2016
Antigo - The sport of archery can build strength, confidence, and social skills.

The Antigo Bow Club helps kids to build those skills while appreciating the outdoors.
Eleven-year old Nathaniel Pyeatt loves having a bow in his hands.

"It's calming for me," said Pyeatt.

His uncle encouraged him to start shooting.

"The bow that I have is a traditional long bow," said Pyeatt.

It has just one string. A compound bow has three.

"I choose to use this one because it's easier for me to aim," said Pyeatt. "And I almost hit the ceiling once."

Eleven-year old Hailey Warren knows the sport is a family affair.

"My dad has been in archery and he likes to shoot," said Warren. "So I thought it would be a nice sport to try."

Students in second through fifth grades learn the basic techniques of shooting a bow.

"If they're not going to hit the target, then it can get really frustrating," said Antigo Bow Club President Dan Houdek. "So we try to teach them patience and safety."

The great thing about archery is that it can be a sport for anyone. Even if you're not much of an athlete, it's a sport you can really have fun with.

"You can be an average kid and still exceed in the sport of archery," said Houdek.

Some kids hunt. Some shoot targets. Some just enjoy the sport.

"They still love the sport of archery," said Houdek. "That's what the Antigo Bow Club is all about."

For Pyeatt, something has changed since the first time he pulled back the string. Now, it's just fun.

"It's just something with the bow," he said. "It just calms me down." 

Written By: Jeanine Ilacqua

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