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Augie's Collectables selling out of Badgers gear Submitted: 04/06/2015
Tomahawk - The Badgers may be getting ready for the game Monday, but so are fans across the state. Stores selling Badger merchandise are selling out left and right. Augie's Collectables in Tomahawk opened its doors 29 years ago. Business has been booming since the Badger's big win against Kentucky on Saturday. It already sold out of all Final Four gear. "We'll be getting in Championship stuff hopefully on Thursday if they win tonight, or I should say when they win tonight," said Augie's Collectables owner Robert Augustine. He says this past weekend wasn't even the busiest day since the tournament started. "Actually the busiest day was the day before they played North Carolina," said Augustine. "With Kentucky this past weekend, a little bit busy but kind of slowed down. I think people were a little apprehensive." He says all the Badger love can make business pretty hectic. "Sometimes it's really overwhelming, but I just have to smile and grin and bear it and enjoy the moment," he said. The store has shirts and hats still available, but they will be getting national championship gear in if the Badger's win Monday in Indianapolis. "I expect the phone to start ringing right after the game when they win," said Augustine.

Written By: Mary O'Connell

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