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Wisconsin Public Service will get new owners after $9.1 billion deal Submitted: 06/23/2014
Wisconsin - Wisconsin Public Service will get new owners in a year. Wisconsin Energy Corporation will buy WPS. The $9 billion deal was announced Monday morning. WPS leaders say the change is good for the company. "We would be joining forces and be one of the premier utility companies in the United States. We will be the 8th largest natural gas and the 14th largest electric company," says WPS Public Relations Manager, Lisa Prunty. The company will have more than four million customers. The WPS name won't change for a while. "Well at this point, it will be a year before the sale even closes. It needs to go through the Public Service Commission to be approved. So at this point, our customers will not see any changes for at least a year," says Prunty. WPS leaders say there won't be changes to their service.

Written By: Kaitlyn Howe

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