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Rivers may be only option for some, others will hit lakes Submitted: 05/02/2014
- We are just hours away from the start of the inland fishing season. At 12:01am anglers can hit the lakes and rivers throughout the state. Of course the big question is where can you go fishing. As we first mentioned on Thursday, many of the lakes north of Rhinelander are at least half covered with ice. Here is a look at Chain Lake of the Sugar Camp chain. That's going to limit the options for most anglers to area rivers. Some might try fishing off the Wisconsin River. "Like last year, opening weekend is iced up again," Eagle River fishing guide Gary Myshak explains. "This year it's worse. Any lakes with a small current are open or close to open. A lot of the rivers in the area probably have perch running. And you'll probably have smaller male walleyes running right now. The water coming out of the lakes are still too cold. So the bigger females will hold back right now until the water temp warms up." While things look bleek for boaters up north, in Tomahawk, most of the lakes and boat landings are wide open. That includes Lake Mohawksin. In fact, some of the area bait shop owners and guides are actually expecting a nice weekend. "(Tomahawk) is one of the few places to have water," Chuck Grigg of Chuck's Sport Shop adds. "All of the lakes will be useable by Saturday. Basically, you want to fish where there is water movement. Below the dams will be a key place. The water is cold, so a very slow retrieve (with your lure) with a jigging motion is what is going to be your best motion for you."

Written By: Joe Dufek

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