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Local student videographers shoot commercial for Super Bowl Doritos contest Submitted: 11/17/2013
Minocqua - People love watching commercials during the Super Bowl. One Northwoods video club wants to use their skills to make one of those commercials. You'll see this behind the scenes at most video shoots. But for Charlotte Fohner's video students, this is their chance to shoot a Super Bowl commercial. That's because Doritos will use the best homemade commercial. "I went to the Doritos website and I read their rules. Kind of went through it," Fohner said. "Then I emailed Paul, who is helping me direct the video club, and said hey what do you think about this for a project for video club." Fohner formed a video club in September. She wanted to help kids who have the same passion for videography. "During the summer we often have high school age people to come and help us at our work place. One of them is high school senior named Paul Hein who was interested in learning more video," said Fohner. "When I found out his friends wanted to learn more, I was like well here's an opportunity for me to give some of my knowledge to people who want to learn more and create a group." So they used the Super Bowl Doritos Commercial contest as a teaching lesson. "We've done stuff before, but this is kind of the first video we've done using the members of the club," Video Club, co-leader, Paul Hein said. "As a club planning it out a lot in advanced and stuff like that. So I feel like this was a pretty good experience for all of us." The goal is to have the commercial played during the Super Bowl. They would also like to win one million dollar prize. But for now, they're just focused on perfecting their skills. "I think none of us we're expecting to win or are expecting to win. The chances of that are one in a very large number," Hein said. "So I don't think any of us expected to win. We just wanted to have a good time and kinda get more experience."

Written By: Shardaa Gray

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