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Northwoods Spotlight - Pickleball Oct 30 Submitted: 10/30/2013
RHINELANDER - We know winter is right around the corner. So now is the perfect time to find some indoor activities to keep busy. Marisa Silvas introduces us to a unique sport gaining popularity. Pickleball. It is a strange name. It may sound funny, but the Pickleball craze, is gaining popularity in the Northwoods. "It's a fun sport and easy to learn," Marilyn Duschl of the YMCA explains. Bob Mielke and Sandy Anderson of Rhinelander really enjoy the game. "If you like playing any sport with a paddle, this is a good sport," Mielke says. Anderson adds, "I fell in love with it the first time I was here. I said, order me my paddle, I'm ready." Pickleball was invented in the 1960's as a backyard pastime, but it's become an organized sport. So where does it's unique name come from? "The inventor of pickleball, his dogs name was Pickles," Marilyn explains. "So Pickles the dog was chasing the ball a lot, and so they decided to call it pickleball." Pickleball is the fastest growing racket sport with people over the age of 55, and it's a great workout. "To me it's a lot more fun than just working out on machines," says Dorothy Johnson of Rhinelander. The YMCA in Rhinelander started offering Pickleball a year ago, and interest continues to grow. "It's a nice bunch of people here," Anderson says. "You can just come out and observe it and if it's something you think you'd like, you're more than welcome to jump in and play with us."

Written By: Marisa Silvas

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