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Nicolet hits the road with a traveling trailer Submitted: 08/16/2013
- High school students often visit colleges to check out the campus. But a local college wants to bring the campus to students. Nicolet College is hitting the road with its new Welcome Center trailer. This is the first traveling trailer for any technical college in Wisconsin. The trailer has two computer workstations, a kiosk for video presentation and seating for students. The trailer is designed to visit community events so people can access information about the college. "We felt like we needed a way to reach out to our communities, more distant from Rhinelander," said Teaching, Learning and Student Success Vice President, Kenneth Urban. "So we found a trailer and thought a trailer would be a great way to make our presence known out in various outlying of our district." The trailer lets students do a lot of the things they could usually only do on campus. "We set up this trailer so that it has all the services that we have at our one stop welcome center with the exception of testing," Urban said. "So any student that needs pre-enrollment testing still has to come to one of our sites, but everything else, registration, financial aid, career coaching; all of those things we can handle right here in the trailer." The trailer will hit the road soon. A Rhinelander football game will probably be one of its first stops.

Written By: Shardaa Gray

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