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Phillips Trap Shooter hits 250 straight Submitted: 08/14/2013
PHILLIPS - This is Randy Bolton of Phillips. Randy accomplished quite feet in trap shooting recently. He hit 250 targets in a row! On August 4th, he hit all 100 targets in his initial round at an event in Eau Claire. He had to face someone in a shoot off. He connected on 50 of 50 to win the event. Then this past Sunday, he hit another 100 straight targets at the Phillips Sportsman's Club. He's the first in the history of the Club ever to hit 100 targets. He also took Top Gun honors for the 2013 season. That's the second one he's had in the last 3 years. Randy has been competing for years. In fact, he won the state junior singles division title in 1974 when he was 15 years old.

Written By: Joe Dufek

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