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ObamaCare forces Trig's to limit workers' hours Submitted: 07/24/2013
Minocqua - ObamaCare will dig into the pocketbooks of part-time workers at one of the Northwoods' biggest employers. If Trig's Supermarkets hadn't cut part-time work hours, it would have been out of business within a year. That's what a consultant told the company. About two-thirds of the 1,100 Trig's employees are part-time workers. But if they work more than 30 hours a week, the president's health care legislation technically considers them full time. That means Trig's would be forced to provide health insurance to those workers. The report said keeping the work schedules as they were AND providing that health coverage would have been disastrous to the company's bottom line. "Doing nothing was not an option. It would have put us out of business. Within a year, it would have put us out of business. There's no doubt about that. So obviously we've had to make some changes," says Angie Dreifuerst, Trig's' Vice President of HR, Benefits, and MIS. Those changes include promoting a few workers to full time. But the biggest impact comes to the 65 percent of employees working part-time. They're not allowed to work more than 30 hours per week. That way, Trig's can avoid considering them full time workers. "Yeah, they were frustrated, but I believe they also understood why we had to make the decisions that we did. I said, 'this isn't good for you, this isn't good for us, it's not what we want to do either.' Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of options. We have to do what we have to do to comply and stay viable," she says. Companies like Trig's aren't the only ones facing employment challenges from the Affordable Care Act. Even school districts like Minocqua-Hazelhurst-Lake Tomahawk have taken steps to make sure their part-time workers stay under the 30 hour threshold.

Written By: Ben Meyer

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