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Let's Go Fishing comes to Rhinelander Submitted: 07/24/2013
Rhinelander - Many people would say the best way to view the Northwoods is from the water. But not everyone can easily get out on the water. "There's a lot of people that grew up with that tradition that are not in the position to get out by themselves anymore, and Let's Go Fishing is an organization that will get them out a no charge," say Kari Zambon, a volunteer. Let's Go Fishing started its first Wisconsin chapter Wednesday in at Hodag Park. It caters to kids, elderly, and handicapped people who otherwise wouldn't be able to get out on a boat. "We get letters, weekly. Thank you so much! We never thought we'd be able to be on the water again," said Joe Holm, Let's Go Fishing Executive Director. For some, it's a completely new experience. "I've never been out on a boat before. I've just experienced today and I love it so much. I saw loons so far and it's so beautiful out here," said Terri Kahren, who was a passenger on the maiden voyage. The beauty and serenity of the water was what inspired the start of Let's Go Fishing more than 12 years ago. Founder Joe Holm and his family were going through a difficult time. His wife struggled with health problems, Joe fell through the ice on his four-wheeler, and his 16-year-old daughter had struggles of her own. "Had a tumor in her right arm that the doctors were 99.9 percent sure was going to be cancerous and it grew from within the bone, it actually snapped the bone," says Holm. It wasn't cancerous, but the experience made Joe realized a lot of people probably need an escape. So he started Let's Go Fishing to help others relax and sail away from day-to-day life. "We've had a lot of people say, ‘My body just does not hurt when I am out on the water'," says Holm.

Written By: Melissa Constanzer

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